Does Zac Hunter Travel?

Zac is based nationally across Australia where he travels frequently to major cities. Zac also occasionally plans travel internationally. He can also travel just about anywhere for request

How much notice do I need to give Zac to arrange something special?

The more notice Zac receives, the better. Zac’s schedule is planned a month in advanced, you can access his schedule on his travel page or contact Zac directly to ask him when he’s next returning to your location.

Can I see a photograph of Zac’s face?

Zac only shows his face in person and will not share any photographs or videos that display his face. Zac respects your privacy and in return he hopes you respect his.

What type of payment is expected?

Zac receives cash payments & on most occasions a bank deposit to his account to confirm a rendezvous.

Does Zac provide non-sexual experiences?

Yes, Zac can be your companion in any situation you like. All you need to do is contact him to discuss the details

Does Zac work for an agency?

No, Zac Hunter is an independent/private companion.

Will Zac accept gifts instead of payment?

Zac does not expect gifts however if you wish to give a present some good ideas would be fashion items, red wine, fragrances, vinyl records, massage or hair cut vouchers, books and watches. Every encounter is an official booking; although appreciated, gifts are not to replace payment.

Why would a woman need to pay for physical intimacy?

Women have shared with Zac how hard it is to go out on the scene – they don’t want to go to bars on their own and mingle with drunken guys. Just because they theoretically could pick someone up on a one-night-stand doesn’t mean they want to. Escorts are professionals with reputations to uphold. They are safe, discreet and willing to talk about what you want to experience. The female client gets to express her desires and is in control of who she is seeing, for how long, and if she sees him again. And lest we forget – the sensual talents of someone who knows what they are doing behind closed doors are priceless.

How should I get into contact with Zac Hunter?

Zac can be easily contacted by text message, phone call and email, all of which can be found on the “Contact” page. Please keep in mind that Zac cannot always answer your phone calls and talk, the nature of what is discussed is not always suitable for him to talk in certain environments. Social Media is not a reliable platform to contact Zac, I hope you understand.

Does Zac share any further photographs or videos that aren’t on his website?

Zac shares a range of photographs and videos across his social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, however he does not send any content on request.

Is Zac Hunter discreet ?

When you discuss anything with Zac it is always confidential. Zac honours himself on safety and discretion at all times. He is even willing to sign a confidentiality agreement if that is something you wish to do.

Will Zac keep my details?

Zac only keeps details such as contact information if the person in question consents to it. He respects your privacy and will not contact you if you do not wish him to. If consent is given, Zac sends out reminders of when he will be returning to certain locations. All information is kept private and confidential

Does Zac give discounts ?

Just as Zac respects the fact that you are spending your hard earned money on a premium personal service – and he will ensure that the experience will be worth every penny – he asks that you respect his rate. He wants the sole focus of each booking to be on a fabulous experience, and any bartering would diminish that.

Do I need to send a photo of my face or myself ?

Absolutely not. Zac is not here to judge appearances but to create a supportive environment. He is very open-minded and his only expectation is common courtesy and human decency.

How long should I book for my first encounter?

Zac recommends at least two hours to provide the time and space to talk and connect before physical intimacy; time can truly fly when you’re having this much fun

How do I know that Zac’s testimonials and photographs are genuine?

Zac relies on reputation. Everything you see and read on this site and his social media is 100% genuine. If Zac was to forge photographs and reviews, he would lose respect of clients. Zac is also proudly endorsed by other reputable brands where he advertises his services. These brands include Available Angels, and Scarlet Blue.


For greater clarity and to avoid potential misunderstandings, please read this code of conduct to ensure an optimum experience for both escort and client.

A text message, phone call or email that is polite and straight forward is always appreciated.

When contacting Zac to request an encounter, a good place to start is to introduce yourself along with your location as Zac Travels nationally around Australia and sometimes internationally. Before requesting a date to see Zac, it is a good idea to check his tour dates on the travel page. Special requests that will alter Zac’s tour dates can always be discussed.

Also indicate the type of experience you wish to have with Zac. This is where special requests should be mentioned along with your likes and dislikes.

Zac is always respectful and courteous, please be the same in return. The use of vulgar or offensive language will not impress Zac.

Speaking a certain way during a sexual act may be exciting and arousing, however while arranging an encounter, Zac will not accept inappropriate language or descriptions of body parts which will most likely result in Zac ignoring your requests.

Zac does not appreciate negotiations of his rates. Please have Zac’s fee upon arrival, it is common to have the correct amount handed over in an envelope.

Please read all information on Zac’s website thoroughly. Zac has taken his time to create this website so that questions to subjects that are not covered are kept to a minimum.

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary to meet with Zac. If Zac does not feel comfortable, the meeting will end.

Zac will make you feel secure and relaxed, it is your responsibility to make him feel the same.

When offering Zac any kind of beverage, always present it in a sealed bottle and open it in front of him. Please be aware that while Zac enjoys a drink from time to time, there will be moments
when he will politely decline.

Zac will not be present in any situation that involves drugs and if he feels if someone is too intoxicated, he will remove himself. Sexual performance and pleasure is reduced while under the influence, please do not waste your experience with Zac.

Zac is known to extend his experiences at times. If you wish to do so, all you need to do is ask and if he has not made any other engagements, he could possibly stay. It is expected that payment is given for Zac’s extra time.

If you have loved your time with Zac, he will appreciate your feedback and spreading the word.