Exclusive Companion

Whether it’s an event you would
love to be escorted to or a
companion to lose track of time
with, you will have Zac’s undivided
attention where he will satisfy your
every need with every moment being
about you. Zac loves escaping away
for the weekend or on longer
vacations to just about anywhere.
He also offers other experiences
under this type of encounter such as
ménage à trois or ménage à quatre.
Of course Zac is not limited to these
options and would love discussing
what you had in mind.

Dining with Zac

Experience a flirtatious dining
experience followed by a very
indulgent dessert. Zac loves to get
his hands dirty in the kitchen.
He can arrange experiences where
dinner can be enjoyed at premium
restaurants, or for a more intimate
dinner date, Zac will cook and host
for you in a private location.

Especially For You

Imagine a playground that has been
entirely customised and designed for
your pleasure. In this space, the sky
is truly the limit. Not many people
ever get to realise their deepest,
most secret desires in the flesh –
you’ll be one of the lucky few. Tap into
your imagination and adventurous
side; dig deeper and share your most
unexplored fantasies. Let Zac make
your wildest dreams thrillingly real.
Whatever they are, he’s ready for you.

Explore More

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about
what you want most out of this
experience, life is far too short.
Let Zac take you to your edges with
kinky play that you have previously
only dared dream about. He has
the mastery and experience to
conjure a completely trustworthy
environment – essential for this walk
on the wild side.

Zac’s Network

Zac can arrange other adult
enjoyment with it’s own distinctive
personality and flavor. He can
organise and adapt brilliantly to
deliver an adult experience like no
other. Whether you are looking to
spoil yourself or a group, Zac’s
impeccable network will ensure a
certain level of quality, service and
sizzling hot chemistry. Zac wouldn’t
put his name on the line for anything less.